You know that an apple contains all enzymes necessary for you to digest it? This applies to all fruit and vegetables.
That's right: nature is perfect, it is a pity that by cooking food we often cancel some of their properties, the digestive enzymes for example they are destroyed with high temperatures.

This causes: slow or difficult digestion , heartburn , abdominal bloating , colitis , constipation And meteorism . 
If you suffer from any of these disorders then Enzi-mix flora it can help you: it is enough to take one or two capsules just after meals to see the first improvements.

The virtues of this product are to be attributed to its components: a blend of digestive enzymes flanked by three vegetal extracts that support its action:

  • Gentian , contains bitter substances, mucilages and essential oils that make it a strong herb digestive properties and stimulants of liver function.
  • Boldo , thanks to the content of alkaloids, flavonoids and essential oils, supports digestive and liver function. It favors the drainage of liquids body and urinary tract function. Helps the regularity of intestinal transit.
  • Ginger , is traditionally used as a digestive and bitter-tonic, capable of regulate gastrointestinal motility and of eliminate gas digestive. Helps fight nausea.

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