The new Vitamin C Vitality Plus is a food supplement of Vitamin C derived from Rosa Canina and Camu Camu .

These two ingredients have long been used in herbal medicine for their rich vitamin C content and their properties.


Rosa canina is a perennial wild rose that blooms in early summer with pretty pinkish-white buds, but its most interesting part is the berries (or false fruits) that appear in the fall.

In fact, they contain a high amount of vitamin C , even higher than that of citrus fruits, as well as polyphenols , flavonoids , carotenoids and riboflavin .

Folk medicine has always attributed various properties to rosehip berries. They were in fact used as a remedy to prevent and relieve colds , states of debilitation and / or inflammation and to strengthen the immune system . At one time this was ignored, but these properties derive from the high concentration of Vitamin C in them.

Camu Camu

It is a shrub typical of the Amazon rainforest whose fruits, similar to cherries, are usually consumed by the native tribes of Brazil and Peru who particularly appreciate its sour taste, similar to that of citrus fruits.

The high presence of ascorbic acid makes these fruits the richest natural source of Vitamin C in the world and a trusted friend for the winter. This fruit is very useful in case of flu, sore throat, cold or seasonal ailments, but also to give a boost of energy to those who feel weak and exhausted .

There are many products based on Vitamin C! So why choose the C Vitality Plus?

  • The new Vitamin C Vitality Plus allows you to fill up on vitamin C with just two capsules, proving to be a convenient and practical solution. It is also completely free of flavors, preservatives, dyes and sweeteners. This makes it safe and well tolerated by the whole family!

When to take it?

  • When you want to strengthen your natural defenses for preventive purposes
  • When you want to counteract or relieve seasonal ailments such as flu, sore throat and colds
  • When you feel excessively tired, exhausted and debilitated and want to benefit from a completely natural restorative remedy
  • When there is an iron deficiency
  • When an intense sporting activity takes place

Come and discover the C Vitality Plus!