Autumn, albeit a little timidly, has arrived.

But let's not be discouraged, it is essential to remember to resume old habits and, if possible, improve them and remember to listen to the needs of our body, often it is he who tells us what he needs, we just have to learn to talk to each other in the correct way.

The change of season must be faced with awareness and with a pinch of self-love.

The first step to feel better about ourselves is to take care of our skin starting in the morning with the right beauty routine .



During the day, many impurities such as smog and dust are deposited on the face which, together with excess sebum and makeup residues, clog the pores of the skin thus causing the birth of annoying imperfections. The Pomegranate Face Cleanser allows you to remove them effectively and in the blink of an eye.

The application is very simple:

After having moistened the face with warm water, take a knob of product and distribute it on the face with circular movements, helping you if you prefer with a cotton disc, then rinse the product.

The cleansing action is a fundamental moment for your ritual, it should never be skipped! The scented notes of Coconut and Bitter Orange of the detergent will be the protagonists, the cleansing phase will no longer be just a boring step to carry out but will make a real moment of relaxation!

We think of this moment as an important step to face the day with a clean mind or to release the accumulated stress

The Pomegranate Extract present supports the microcirculation while maintaining the tone of the tissues. The addition of Bitter Orange, on the other hand, with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, regulates the production of sebum, in fact it is also suitable for combination and oily skin.


Once a week the skin needs to get rid of dead cells and impurities, after having cleansed the face, it is therefore important to proceed with the exfoliation step.

But how to apply it?

After the cleansing phase, with the face still moist, distribute a knob of product on the face and distribute it with circular movements. Be careful not to use too much energy: mechanical exfoliation must be a pampering for the face and must not attack it in any way.

Tip: Insist more (always gently) on the T-zone of the face, that is: nose, chin and forehead.

ThePomegranate Scrub is enriched with the powder obtained from Almond and Hazelnut Shells. The circular movements applied to make the product act in addition to purifying the skin stimulate microcirculation , making the skin smooth and radiant . The presence of Sweet Almond Oil and Hyaluronic Acid carry out a moisturizing and nourishing action to allow the skin to maintain its state of hydration and not be excessively dehydrated by the exfoliation process.