CREMA DEFATICANTE: freschezza grazie al mentolo Ecosalute

RELAXING CREAM: freshness thanks to menthol

Swelling and heaviness in the legs are sensations that afflict all people, especially women. The reasons may be different including: the many hours of standing , the use of heels , circulatory problems, poorly breathable fabrics.

Incorrect posture when sitting can also lead to worsening of these symptoms: crossing the legs, for example, should be avoided.

To combat varicose veins and broken capillaries, it is essential to apply an anti-fatigue cream .

Thanks to the presence of Menthol , the Anti-Fatigue Cream with Avocado Oil has a cold effect that gives immediate relief to the legs.

Ideal for those who play sports and for those with circulation problems and swelling sensation.

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  • Avocado oil
Avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients ideal for the beauty of the skin. The high content of oleic and palmitoletic acid gives this oil regenerating and antioxidant properties that improve the appearance of the skin and delay aging , as well as carrying out a protective and repairing action on the tissues.
  • Almond oil

Vegetable oil extracted from the cold pressing of sweet almonds , rich in fatty acids , vitamins and mineral salts . It has emollient , moisturizing and elasticizing and regenerating properties.

  • Rusco extract

Called butcher's broom, the butcher's broom has been known since ancient times for its vasoconstrictive action, it is characterized by the presence of stereolic saponins that determine the contraction of vascular smooth muscle with an increase in venous return and a reduction in edema .

  • Centella extract

Obtained from the leaves of the plant, it is known for its healing properties . It contributes to the improvement of the microcirculation function and to the maintenance of skin elasticity .

  • Menthol

It helps to counteract skin blemishes , such as cellulite , capillaries and heavy legs, giving an immediate sense of freshness .


To facilitate the absorption and the effect it is recommended to vigorously massage the cream on the legs with movements from the bottom up , starting from the ankle and ending with the thigh.