The Christmas holidays are upon us! A joy for young and old.

But Christmas is well known, it brings many gifts but also a lot of stress that seems to spare no one!

A rush for gifts, crowded shops, lack of time, all this causes a build-up of general stress that threatens to ruin this long-awaited moment.

So what to do?

The ideal would be to be able to relax on the sofa sipping a good hot herbal tea and maybe why not? By reading our tips.

As mentioned above, buying a gift should be a pleasure but, during this time, it's not: work can increase and free time drastically reduce, making it difficult to reconcile everything.

Getting organized in time is the first step to take. We recommend that you create a list with the names of the people and the gift thought to them.

If time is short, and perhaps even the desire, you could opt for the online purchase which is more practical and convenient.

Despite everything, the stress does not go away? Does tiredness make itself felt more and more?

Don't worry, ANTISTRESS COMPLEX comes to your rescue.

It is a medicinal compound based on a blend of herbs:

Rhodiola rosea : Known since ancient times for its benefits. The Greeks used it for its invigorating properties. The active ingredients contained in it are able to stimulate the production, in our body, of the "molecules of happiness", thus improving the mood with an antidepressant effect and reducing physical fatigue.

Shisandra Chinensis : Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is known not only for its anti-stress effect but also for its antioxidant action accompanied by an improvement in liver function and the upper airways.

Verbena : Herb capable of promoting relaxation and mental well-being, also useful for its ability to counteract menstrual and menopausal disorders.

Oats : Acts as a natural relaxant, improving mental well-being.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) : Known for over 3000 years for its healing power, it acts on psycho-physical well-being.

Centella : Also known as "meadow tiger", it improves memory and cognitive functions.

Savory : Promotes digestive function and regulates gastrointestinal motility, which in case of stress, are put to the test.