Place cards, candles, centerpieces: on New Year's Eve, nothing should be left to chance.

For those who are convinced of having to dry up their wallets for the purchase of original and refined decorations in order to amaze the diners, there are several ideas that can be achieved in a short time and also by those who have little manual skills in DIY which, in addition to embellishing the New Year's Eve dinner table, will leave those present pleasantly amazed.

The mistletoe

As everyone knows, mistletoe bodes well for the start of the new year. An original idea is to tie a sprig with a colored ribbon to the napkin and cutlery. A simple gesture, but one that will make the table chic .


Red certainly cannot be missing on the New Year's table! Choose red napkins, in contrast to the white tablecloth or vice versa. You can decorate the glasses for the toast with a red marker for the glass, writing the number of the upcoming year on the base, or tie a small red ribbon on the glasses. Has this color tired you out after years? Get creative and focus on original colors such as lilac or turquoise , combined with silver or gold, to decorate your table.

The candles

The candles create a magical and comfortable atmosphere , while at the same time giving a bright and suggestive touch! If possible, choose candles of the same color that you have chosen as the theme for your table (red, turquoise, blue, lilac), or alternatively gold or silver. Simple white candles also work perfectly, which can be personalized with touches of glitter

The centerpiece
Any self-respecting dinner should have a themed centerpiece. For a refined and original solution , get a floating candle and place it in a low and wide glass container, together with colored glass spheres or flower petals (there are a wide range of colors on the market). Does your New Year's table seem too elegant and you want to play it down ? You can enrich it with a beautiful alarm clock that will mark the chimes towards the new year: just choose one of a color matching everything else and apply with hot glue sprigs of holly and pine, pine cones, red flowers and even ribbons and small Christmas balls .

The placeholders
Easy, quick to make and above all customizable as you like and as best they fit your table. Cardboards (white or colored) or simple sheets, colored pens, glitter, glue and scissors are enough to obtain really special place cards. They can also be enriched with ribbons and pine needles or dried flowers.

What are you waiting for?

Impress yourself and others by creating a fantastic decorated table for the December 31st Dinner!

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