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China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Stefania Marcolongo , naturopath talks about the success of the book The China Study.

Today I talk to you about T. Colin Campell about his bestselling book 'The China Study' about the Be4eat movement and what are the characteristics and benefits of the 'Be4eat Programs'.

I would like to start by saying that the publication of 'The China Study' is important above all because it produced a profound change throughout the world given that previously, for people but also for the majority of doctors, the idea that diet was fundamental to maintaining health health but also that it could solve serious health problems was considered pure fantasy, while today there are more and more professionals who prescribe a plant-based diet to their patients.

Who is T. Colin Campbell l

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, originally from Northern Virginia, is one of the first to have done scientific research on nutrition.

Emeritus Professor Jacob Gould Schurman” at Cornell University, he has a long career in scientific research, having worked for twenty years on the Commissions of the National Academy of Science and collaborated in the drafting and development of national and international policies on nutrition and health. A nutrition expert , he began his studies in this field over 50 years ago.

Author of more than 350 scientific publications and 70 research funded by governments around the world.

What the book 'The China Study' is about

With over 4 million copies distributed worldwide, translated into 54 languages, the book is a bestseller, the result of an in-depth study , which talks about the important implications of diet, on health and on long-term weight loss." It may be considered the most comprehensive survey of nutrition ever made, co-authored by T. Colin Campbell with his son Thomas M. Campbell II.

During his research Campbell decided to question the role of nutrition and in particular of animal proteins.

The project, which lasted twenty-seven years , was carried out on a large sample of the population of China (about 65,000 people from 65 different counties and in an age range between 35 and 65) and was subsidized by the National Institutes of Health, by the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research.

The China Study has demonstrated with real data how the daily diet is fundamental for the maintenance but also for the recovery of our health and how a healthy diet must be predominantly ' vegetable and wholemeal ': that is, composed mainly of raw vegetables and whole grains and unrefined . While proteins of animal origin , in order not to have an 'inflammatory' effect, must remain below a low threshold.

These are some authoritative reviews of the book:

“The China Study is a story that absolutely needs to be heard.”

Robert C. Richardson

(Nobel Prize for Physics)

"The study that can be considered the Grand Prix of epidemiology".

The New York Times

“The China Study provides accurate and vital information to anyone interested in health.”

Joel Fuhrman

(Bestselling author and renowned nutritional science doctor)

“The China Study Anthology contains the answers long sought by doctors, scientists and health-conscious readers."

Neal Barnard

(President of the Committee for Responsible Medicine).

The History of the BE4EAT movement

Born by will of Marco Fiorese and Nicla Signorelli, after the event in Vicenza Be4Eat 2012 on the studies carried out by Campbell "Be4eat - The voice of T. Colin Campbell in Europe" is today a non-profit association, in continuous growth and evolution .

In fact, thanks to the Be4eat movement, Italy was among the first countries to have obtained an active collaboration with the American scientist, acting as a bridge with America and the many serious and quality realities , bodies, companies and associations already started in our Peninsula.

The main objective of the Be4eat movement, which it carries out through the organization of training days, study meetings and in-depth sessions with professionals and non-professionals, is to deepen and disseminate scientific evidence on the topic of nutrition, inviting national and international personalities to start a serious and constructive discussion on the real possibilities of applying new rules and guidelines in Italy and Europe.

From theory to practice

In 2015, dissemination also becomes practical with the birth of the ' Be4Eat Detox Program ' and more recently with the formation of the 'GuideBe4Eat' (of which I am also part), to bring the voice of Dr. Campbell in practical paths of change created based on the specific needs of the person: 10 days, 40 days and 90 days or more are the different options that are studied and put into practice by supporting people, day after day, with practical advice also on movement , breathing and much more, so that they can acquire and consolidate a healthier lifestyle with the aim of maintaining an optimal state of health.

The "Be4Eat Detox Programme" from 2015 to today has more than 70,000 courses successfully launched through which, thanks to its vision, involvement and work of hundreds of Guides in Italy and abroad, many people have had the support and opportunity to improve their 'Life style' significantly.

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