The bath bombs, "in English Bath Bomb", have become a real fashion in recent years: colorful and fragrant, they give a unique and particular atmosphere to the much coveted bathroom moment!

It can often happen that the bath bombs on the market are slightly aggressive for the skin, especially for the more sensitive ones. So why not use natural ingredients normally present in the home to create a personalized bath bomb ?

Create your moment of relaxation with a unique and easy recipe, to change according to your mood:


- 230 g of bicarbonate
- 115 g of citric acid powder
- 115 g of salts of Epsom powder
- 170 g of corn starch (also known as cornstarch)
- a tablespoon of olive oil
- 20-30 drops of essential oils
- food coloring, you can also make them yourself with natural ingredients such as beetroot, blueberries, turmeric, cocoa, etc.


- bowls
- whip
- table spoon
- weight scale
- spherical molds (like those of Christmas balls, but you can very well use molds for muffins or biscuits)


1. First, mix all the powdered ingredients in a bowl, namely baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and Epsom salt powder .
Baking soda and corn starch can be found in any supermarket while citric acid is easily found in pharmacies or online.

2. Pour the olive oil and food coloring into a coffee cup and then add the desired essential oil. Choose the essential oil based on the fragrance that best suits your mood: lavender for relaxation , eucalyptus for a balm action , cinnamon for an exotic experience , lemon for an energizing effect or orange for a romantic moment !

3. Gradually add the oil and dye to the rest of the ingredients, and whisk them together until you get a consistency similar to wet sand.

4. At this point fill the molds remembering to press everything as much as possible.

5. Let them sit overnight to dry the bombs or put them in the freezer for three hours to use right away!

... and now throw them in the tub water and enjoy your emotional bath!