Summer has arrived, the heat is making itself felt, the skin, the hair, the whole body need a few more tricks. Yes, but which one? There are universal tips for preparing for summer. When we talk about summer, we must not only think about preparing the skin for the tan, but we must prepare the whole body, no part excluded.

Depending on the season in which you are, you need to adopt habits online, so it is time to change them because the habits adopted in winter are no longer adequate.

Summer is the season of maximum Yang where everything shines brighter and everything comes alive. In fact there are many more events, occasions, outings to participate in. It is also the wedding season it is good to prepare and be in top shape.

Why not aspire to the beauty of mermaids?

Figures of mythology characterized by a fatal and undisputed beauty. Equipped with a beautiful and captivating voice that accompanied playing the lyre or the double flute. In many myths and legends it is told how these creatures enchanted travelers and men in general. For example, in the Odyssey the sailors escape the overwhelming beauty of the sirens only by covering their ears and tying themselves to the boat with ropes.

In order to show off all your beauty, here are some useful tips:

  1. Follow a correct diet

It is the right time to start replenishing body fluids by increasing sweating . So drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables and choose foods that, even according to Chinese medicine, increase the production of liquids, such as avocado, pineapple , watermelon, melon , peach and plum. By following the right diet, you can cool off and protect yourself from the outside heat and stay fit.

  1. Renew the skin

Preparing the skin to have it smooth and velvety and then wearing skirts, shorts and swimsuits on the beach is essential. For this reason, a natural scrub based on pink salt and vegetable oil can be carried out at least twice a week to renew the skin and exfoliate it. It also allows you to perform an excellent draining and anti-cellulite massage.

Himalayan granulated pink salt

  1. Say goodbye to dry and brittle hair

Moisturizes and strengthens your hair from both the inside and the outside. For a healthier appearance of nails, hair and skin you can integrate with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) essential for the synthesis of connective tissues. Furthermore, it has antioxidant properties capable of preventing cellular aging and the fragility of nails and hair. For a complete beauty treatment, use Nigella sativa oil on the whole body and also for the hair. Excellent as a post-shower massage oil to moisturize and also to make hair masks before washing to reinvigorate and fortify the hair and make it healthy and radiant.


Nigella sativa oil

  1. Replenishes minerals and vitamins

Every day we must ensure the body the right amount of nutrients, at least the minimum amount to stay healthy. Summer is the season that most of all exposes us to deficiencies. This is why it is essential to integrate minerals and vitamins and meet nutritional needs. Plurimo contains both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals for an ideal synergistic mix in case of fatigue.


  1. Get ready for a tan

Prepare your skin for sun exposure and help your skin tan safely. Plurimo sun beta-carotene contains beta-carotene, copper, vitamin E and vitamin B2 to make the tan longer lasting. We recommend taking the product at least one month before sun exposure.

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