How often do we hear about purification? Or even better than detox ?

How many of us are sure we understand what it is?

It is a bit like cleaning our body of all the toxicity that surrounds us. Eliminating waste and toxins regularly is, in fact, essential. Let's think about the cleaning that we reserve annually for the face or the body scrub, dental cleaning and so on.

Our body is constantly exposed to substances that can damage it. Pollution, smoking, junk food and drugs but also sedentary life and stress contribute to the production of waste that is harmful to organs and tissues. Toxins can be of two types: endogenous when they are produced by the body due to ingested foods or exogenous when they are due to dyes, excipients or preservatives. To purify the body it is therefore necessary to stimulate the activity of all those organs considered physiological purifiers of our body, namely: the kidneys, the liver, the intestine and the lungs. A first natural remedy could be to take certain foods with detoxifying properties such as artichokes and asparagus.

When do we understand that the right time has come to purify ourselves?

It is our body that makes us understand when the right time to act has come: a significant increase in tiredness and exhaustion, a dull complexion and sometimes even the appearance of skin spots.

Detox is an all-round term and refers to detoxing from food. Not only that, but also from alcohol, drugs, drugs, and even from your work, if you are in contact with toxic substances. In reality, however, reference is made above all to those diets and to those products that can make the body's normal purification and detoxification mechanisms work better.

How many times have we seen detox tea, detox face cream or shampoo in the supermarket, rather than detox smoothie or centrifuged?

Even if talking about rules is not really correct, there are some good habits that can detoxify our body and help it get back on its feet!

  • Drink lots of water, especially water with a particularly low fixed residue.
  • Drink tepid and sugar-free infusions and herbal teas. Among the most suitable herbs we find nettle, birch, mint, dandelion, burdock, cherry stalks, fennel seeds and green anise.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables every day, especially those with a high water and fiber content which are considered detoxifying foods.
  • Avoid all packaged products and so-called "ready to eat", fast-food foods, additives, animal fats, coffee, alcohol, refined flours and white sugar, table salt, heavy metals.
  • Practice meditation and yoga.
  • Exercise or exercise.