Joint health is essential for feeling free and vital. Experts advise to constantly monitor their condition and prevent any damage and injury. 


To avoid the onset of pain and discomfort, some practices can be implemented in everyday life:

  • Stretching : Some researchers openly argue that many bone problems, such as arthritis, can be kept at bay in this way. It increases the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles and tendons and improves the range of motion.  
  • Strengthening the muscles : exercises aimed at the muscles that reside around the joints. This significantly reduces bone problems such as arthritis and osteoarthritis .  
  • Nutrition rich in omega 3 which help fight any inflammation and help keep the joints healthy. They can be found in walnuts, blue fish and flax seeds and in particular in its oil.  

These healthy habits are a good starting point for getting better. But sometimes they can be insufficient on their own, so sometimes it is necessary to integrate useful substances to help the body.

MSM PRO ACTIVE is a product formulated precisely to meet these needs.

Inside there is:  

  • Chondroitin and glucosamine , which keep the cartilages hydrated, protecting them from wear and tear and supporting their functionality.  
  • MSM , methylsulfonylmethane, an organic form of sulfur that facilitates and supports the expulsion of toxins, which accumulate in the joints and muscles and which often cause chronic pain. It has numerous properties: anti-inflammatory, protective chondro and helps skin and hair trophism. 
  • Devil's claw , a plant with strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 
  • Turmeric , a spice with numerous properties including the action of supporting joint function.