Parla l'esperto: gli alimenti che apportano energia Ecosalute

The expert speaks: foods that bring energy

Dr. Ghilardi , a nutritional biologist from Milan, talks about foods that can provide energy and charge to our body.

Foods that energize the body owe their properties to the nutrients present within them, from which the cells obtain the " fuel " to carry out their functions. In particular, a gram of carbohydrates or proteins corresponds to about 4 calories , while a gram of fat provides 9 calories.

In choosing foods, however , we must not rely only on calorie counting: it is also important to ensure a balanced diet also from a nutritional point of view and not just calories.

To give us some indications in this regard are the Larn ( Reference levels of nutrient and energy intake for the Italian population ), according to which the basis of a healthy diet must be carbohydrates , which should represent between 45 and 60 % of the energy consumed during the day.

On the other hand, from the age of 4, lipids should be limited to 20-35% of the energy consumed daily. On the other hand, that fatty foods can have the opposite effect compared to a recharge of energy is intuitive, as their ability to weigh down and make digestion difficult is well known.

As for proteins , in general in adulthood one gram per kg of body weight is sufficient. However, there are exceptions, which may require increasing the daily protein intake , as in the case of those who practice physical activity at a high level.

In particular, the B vitamins (from vitamin B1 to vitamin B12 ) help the body to obtain energy from food; to make the most of it, just include it in your diet, in adequate proportions.

Avoiding do-it-yourself diets and always relying on a professional is essential to keep the body healthy.