Heavy metals can cause allergies, intolerances and intoxications. But they can also have carcinogenic effects and interfere with major body functions. How many people, for example, suffer from nickel allergy? It is one of the most widespread heavy metals, among which we also find, among others, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, aluminum and cobalt.

Heavy metals come into contact with the body mainly through the foods we ingest and the polluted air we breathe or the water we drink. The symptoms of toxic metals are very varied and can involve many organs and systems. Based on the affected tissue, we will have typical and specific related symptoms, for example neurological problems if metals are deposited in the central nervous system, thyroid hormonal dysfunctions if they are deposited in the thyroid, intestinal disorders, lungs. etc ...

Potentially we are all at risk, without exception. The categories most at risk are children and the elderly, or those suffering from diseases such as diabetes.

How to clean up the body? Chelation is the natural answer.

The Chlorella Alga is a unicellular microalgae that lives in fresh water, very rich in iron and vitamins. Its intake as a natural remedy favors the elimination of heavy metals and the expulsion of waste from the body.

Coriander , also known as oriental or Chinese parsley, has an interesting chelating action against heavy metals. It is particularly useful for removing mercury that may be present in the spaces between cells and in cells. Excessive accumulation of mercury can cause DNA damage. It is also effective against cadmium, lead and aluminum present in bones or the nervous system. Its ability to extract metals from tissues is not sufficient, because once extracted these metals remain in circulation and are not effectively expelled from the body. It is therefore advisable to take coriander accompanied by chlorella, their synergy allows toxins to be completely eliminated without being reabsorbed.

Zeolite , unlike the previous ones, is a microporous mineral of volcanic origin characterized by a honeycomb molecular structure, this means that the heavy metals remain trapped in this structure and then be eliminated.