10 idee regalo per Natale Ecosalute

10 gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas is approaching and for those who have not taken advantage of Black Friday or for those who sail into oblivion here are 10 gift ideas that can kick-start the crazy acquisitions.

1. Gift boxes

Gift boxes are great alternatives to try out new formulations and products . Kits specially formulated for the care and well -being of the person, are elegant and never banal gift ideas to surprise those we love. Each box is able to satisfy the most varied needs of each one.

2. Herbal tea kit

Herbal teas or infusions are always well appreciated, especially in this period. On the market there are many fragrances for all palates: citrus, fruity, sweet, intense or delicate.

3. Personalized honey

On Beeing you can buy a beehive remotely to support and protect bees . You choose a beekeeper , a beehive and enjoy the honey obtained thanks to your contribution.

4. Mini greenhouse

For lovers of nature and do-it-yourself, you can opt for a mini greenhouse built with a LED lamp to facilitate the growth and development of the plant. Ideal for people who do not have the possibility of space or for those who live in polluted places.

Mini Indoor Led Greenhouse for Indoor Growing of Aromatic and Small Vegetables, with Automatic On / off, Green Gift Idea: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors

5. Diffuser of essences

Do you know aromatherapy ? Essential oils affect our mind and well -being. There are many diffusers on the market, the difference between an intoxicating perfume and not, is the essential oil .

6. Buy a plant

With Treedom it is possible to buy a plant in distant territories such as Africa. For example, we recently bought Venere a wonderful Avocado plant in Kenya.

7. Water bottle

To reduce the consumption of plastic , you can opt for an aluminum bottle. There are now many shapes, colors and sizes on the market, ideal for keeping drinks cool or hot.

8. Bamboo discs

Bamboo make-up remover pads are excellent alternatives to cotton ones for those who wear makeup often. They allow you to save and safeguard the planet, they are free of plastic materials and will make you forget about disposable ones .

9. Bamboo cutlery

The perfect gift for those who are green. There are many kits with everything you need inside to enjoy your schiscetta while safeguarding the Earth .

10. Hand cream

Cold is the number one enemy of our hands. A good nourishing hand cream allows you to protect and preserve them throughout the season and beyond.