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The 2020 lookdown will always be remembered by students from all over Italy, forced to change their rhythms, to follow virtual lessons rather than go to class, adapting to a different school model than usual.

How much have these months weighed on young people and children forced to study exclusively at home?

The loss of sociality has greatly influenced the way of learning and perhaps lost concentration.

The exhaustion, the lack of memory, the sense of worry that usually accompanies the pre-exam period, has been felt and felt more than ever in this period of uncertainty.

To help regain concentration and promote memory, plant extracts that promote cognitive function and minerals and vitamins that allow you to regain energy are helpful in this difficult period.

Memora is a totally natural product. It is in fact a medicinal tincture composed of four plant extracts (Maka, Blueberry, Ginko Biloba, Eleutherococcus), specially designed for memory and cognitive functions.

Do you need to regain lost concentration and recover mental and physical strengths?

Memora is your invaluable help that gives support to students and workers who wish to regain their mental status.

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Plural , multivitamin, to be associated with Memora, because thanks to the strength of the vitamins contained in it, it helps to restore the physical and mental well-being of the body. It gives energy and helps to regain the lost sprint.

Magnesium, zinc, potassium, chromium, copper, selenium, are some of the components of the Plurimo that guarantee the daily need for nutrients and minerals.

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