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The Himalayan salt is a crystalline formation that dates back to about 250 million years and which has a particular structure due to the high pressures to which it has been subjected. 

Indicated to prevent the formation of water retention. Thanks to its properties it is valuable in daily nutrition.

Packaging: 1000 g

Food use: to taste instead of common table salt.

Alternative uses: can also be used for scrubs, baths and foot baths

The advantages of Himalayan salt: It is the only salt that combines 84 other fundamental and well-balanced trace elements with sodium chloride.

It is not refined, that is, it is not chemically treated.
It is not added with anti-caking agents or other chemicals. It is free of additives and pollutants that deplete sea salt.

It has a more rounded and pleasant flavor.

Pure Himalayan Salt, with its 84 natural elements and trace elements, is precious for restoring our balance and removing the waste that we accumulate even by taking industrial cooking salts. Thanks to its properties it helps prevent the formation of water retention.