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The dragonfly represents lightness , grace and elegance .

The Dragonfly Box is dedicated to those who want to take care of their legs both internally and externally, feeling lighter and in harmony with their body, just like a dragonfly.

Enriched with exotic flower petals for an elegant and fresh look.

A 360 ° treatment to fight blemishes both from inside and outside, always loving and respecting each other.

Natural cosmetics formulated with top quality ingredients and respectful of the person and the environment around them.

  • Healthy Legs: officinal tincture composed of a blend of four plant extracts, enriched with Horse Chestnut , Butcher's Broom , Blueberry and Grape Leaves gives relief and promotes the microcirculation of the legs. (Pack: 100 mL)
  • Body scrub: with a high content of Avocado Oil and microgranules of Almond and Hazelnut shells . Eliminates dead cells by promoting cell renewal . ( Bottle: 200 mL)
  • Anti-blemish cream: hot-effect body cream enriched with Chilli , Centella and Caffeine to promote microcirculation and reduce skin blemishes . (Bottle: 200 mL)