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In this period the organism has its needs, especially as regards the purification and the defenses . We have therefore selected five products to help you face the long autumn days and to help you take care of yourself .


This complete set of products herbal remedies , vitamins And skin care was created with the purpose of providing you with everything you need to support yours physical and mental well-being in everyday life.

The benefits you will get:


Echinocaps Immuno it's a synergistic mix of medicinal plants and vitamins, and has been formulated to strengthen your defenses against seasonal ailments. Echinacea, Elderberry And the Uncaria, with Zinc, Copper, B6 And B12 , support the immune system, both by preventing the occurrence of such ailments, and by speeding up recovery times and decreasing the risk of relapses. Vitamin D3 was selected for both her immunostimulating properties , both for the support of the nervous system, especially of the cognitive abilities .


Chlorella is a very rich algae nutrients (especially vitamin B12 and minerals) and Chlorophyll , a powerful agent antioxidant And chelating of the metals that tend to be deposited in the body. Taken on a daily basis, it allows you to purify yourself of toxins, improving cellular function and the organs themselves, and therefore improving the state of general well-being.


Rhodiola , thanks to its properties adaptogen goes to enhance the resistance of the organism to stress , both physical and mental. Whether they are long days of work, or intense sporting activities, or even just the tiredness of the change of season, this medicinal plant has the ability to improve the cellular energy production and consequently to improve the processes of the whole human body.


In the morning: Echinocaps Immuno 2 capsules (do cycles of 14 on-off rounds), Vitamin D 3 or 6 sprays

For lunch: Rhodiola 2 capsules, Chlorella 60 drops

Mid afternoon: Rhodiola 2 capsules

In the evening: Chlorella 60 drops