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Plurimo Sun is a concentrate of minerals and vitamins designed for the well-being of skin and hair, especially in summer.

The ingredients contained are the Betacarotene , the Copper , the Selenium , the Vitamin E and the Vitamin B2 .

Packaging: 30 capsules of 470 mg

We recommend taking one capsule a day, preferably close to meals.

During the summer months, our advice is to start taking the product at least one month before sun exposure.

Medium contents characterizing ingredients:

Contribution of:

For 1 cps

% VNR *

7.5 mg
2 mg
Vitamin E
60 mg
25 mg
0.1 mg

NRV (*): Daily Reference Nutritional Value (adults) pursuant to EU Reg. No. 1169/2011

Vitamin E (DL - alpha - tocopheryl acetate), glazing agent: hydroxymethylcellulose, beta-carotene, stabilizer: basic calcium phosphate, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), L-selenomethionine, copper gluconate, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.



It is found in abundance in green leafy vegetables, in many fruits, cereals, oils, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach and of course in carrots (hence the name).

Its main function is to act as a provitamin: that is, when ingested, beta carotene is converted by the body into Vitamin A.

The latter contributes to maintaining radiant skin . Its best known action is that linked to tanning as it stimulates the production of melanin, a molecule present in the skin, capable of determining not only the coloring but also the skin protection by the sun's rays.

It also contributes to the maintenance of good vision, acts on the proper functioning of the immune system .


It is an essential mineral for radiant skin (it is the third mineral, in terms of quantity, present in the human body) in fact it is found in all connective tissues.

And it is also known for keeping good pigmentation of skin and hair as it is one of the main components of melanin.

Contributes to normal energy metabolism and on the functioning of the immune system , it promotes transport of iron in the body, has a strong antioxidant action, protecting cells from oxidative stress .


It is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is found naturally in oils, oil seeds, dried fruit and whole grains.

It has a strong action antioxidant so it is useful for the well-being of the skin as it acts by counteracting skin aging.


It is a water-soluble vitamin and is found in brewer's yeast, beef offal, milk, yogurt and cheese, chicken and almonds.

Since it is not stored by our body, it must be taken daily. Riboflavin, in addition to having an antioxidant action , is important for the energy metabolism , for the good maintenance of a healthy skin and good eyesight.

Contributes to iron metabolism and to the normal activity of the nervous system . It turns out to be a valuable aid to combat the tiredness and fatigue .


It is a mineral found mainly in beef, especially offal (liver and kidney), lamb, poultry and also in large fish. In vegetables it is mostly contained in mushrooms, onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, celery, tomatoes and potatoes.

It has a powerful antioxidant effect, acting in synergy with vitamin E it prevents cellular aging. In particular, it presents a targeted action against hair and nails .

It is an important mineral that goes to stimulate the immune system helping the body to prevent seasonal ailments and flu viruses, and also supports the functioning of the thyroid gland.