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Prevent and reduce the symptoms of cystitis with natural and gentle ingredients!

Inside the package you will find:


Bearberry is precious for the drainage of body fluids and as an adjunct to improving the functionality of the urinary tract.

Inside there is a compound called Hydroquinone which gives the product antibacterial properties , ideal for fighting the bacteria that cause the infection.

Floravita Plus

More than 10.4 billion lactic ferments with prebiotic and probitic action, rebalance the bacterial flora by strengthening the barrier between the bladder and the external environment.

Intimate wash

The presence of Colloidal Silver and Neem Oil give the product antibacterial properties, enriched with Yogurt it is a source of lactic ferments .

The presence of Calendula, Red Vine and Iceland Lichen have a soothing and emollient action capable of reducing irritation and itching.

How to use

Take 50 drops two or three times a day (as needed) of Bearberry, in water, tea or juice and one capsule of Floravita Plus, between meals.